Intervention, Transformation, Regeneration, & Recovery

Ron Larry has been through it all! He would love to speak to your group and share his testimony. His passion is helping lost souls find restoration. Please use this form to contact Ron.


The Larry Family

Clockwise from left:
Marquis, Anthony, Brantly, Michael, Ronnie, Ron, & Deb.


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“Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it…” Psalm 127:1

After seven turbulent years of being torn and tossed by the waves of addiction God brought restoration to our family unit. While still incarcerated in Lima Correctional Facility, we were in the same city at Christmastime 1985.

I had never seen my youngest son, Marquis, until Deb brought him to see me just before my release in February, 1986. God released me on April 10, 1986 and the boys had a father figure to look to and Deb was granted a Saved husband.

Having put my hands to the plow without looking back, I started a lawn cutting business with the $72.00 which I came home from prison with. I started getting requests to do home repairs so at 42 years of age I went back to school. I took a full building maintenance course at Apollo Career Center. I had 6 mouths to feed and obligations as a dad, father, and a husband.

I kept the boys clothed for school, as well as church clothes. If God gave us His best for our sins, Christ Jesus, we should be able to put on our best for church the first day of each week.

Ron Larry’s Bio

Ron Larry was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan when Detroit was truly the “Motor Capital of the World.” He was brought up in what was called “Black bottom” or “Black Man’s Paradise” but life for Ron was everything but a paradise. At an early age Larry became a product of his environment of drugs and thugs which lead him down a self–destructive path which eventually landed him in “Jacktown” the world’s largest prison Jackson, Michigan.

These experiences became the basis for his book entitled: From the GutterMost to the Uttermost. Ron has been featured on many local TV and radio stations and has even received international recognition in Columbia, South America.

He continues to be very active in prison ministries across the country and has ministered to scores of men and women in all facets of life. His message is inspirational and can cause the hopeless to ignite that spark of hope once again. Ron speaks in high schools, churches, and juvenile detention centers where seemingly insurmountable difficulties seem possible, again. His theory is this that just because you are down you don’t have to stay there. There are no excuses because trouble don’t last always. “Weeping may endure for a night , but joy cometh in the morning!”